Get a very accurate and reliable measurement of your patients' chewing strength in seconds with this easy-to-use device.

  • Innobyte compares your patient’s chewing strength with others, allowing a rigorous assessment of their condition.
  • The patient’s experience allows him to become aware of his condition and his need to act in order to improve his situation. This experience therefore promotes acceptance of the solutions that you will offer.
  • Exclusive to Ivoire Santé Dentaire, the Ivoire Naturalized prosthesis on implants, called L’Optimal, is a first choice alternative to increase the chewing force of your patients.

3Shape solutions

At the cutting edge of technology, 3Shape dental solutions help you in two ways:

  • 3Shape CAD software
    Three-dimensional (3D) computer-aided design (CAD) opens up new manufacturing possibilities and makes digital production of dental prostheses very interesting.
  • The 3Shape dental scanner

    State of the art technology for scanning fingerprints or models. A process that generates less manual handling and steps, therefore less risk and more precision, speed, efficiency … and higher quality.

3D printers

A manufacturing process that allows parts to be produced with unmatched speed and precision.

  • For example, impression trays, base plates and the gnathometer.
  • 3D printers simplify and speed up the manufacturing process of dental prostheses. More than ever, they make it possible to manufacture high-performance prostheses, at the cutting edge of technology.

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