The sensational Ivoire Naturalized prosthesis

You may be wondering why we use the term “sensational”? Let us clarify. Resulting from long years of research and development, the naturalized Ivory prosthesis is manufactured using a lamination injection process, at the cutting edge of technology. Designed to be most comfortable and pleasant in texture, the Ivoire Naturalized prosthesis stand out by multiple details that make the difference:

  • Features that mimic the shape and shade of the original smile, even in the gums thanks to our coloring process.
  • Teeth arranged to suit your patients and aesthetically
  • Shape that promotes the space of the language as well as pronunciation
  • Texture of the palate which helps tasting and cleaning the tongue
  • Transparent palate, less visible

For all these reasons, the Ivoire Naturalized prosthesis, with or without implants, is truly in a class of its own.

Always at the forefront

Ivoire Santé Dentaire has invested tens of thousands of dollars in research and development over the past year. Our design and manufacturing processes already use cutting-edge technologies such as CAD software and the 3Shape dental scanner, as well as 3D printers. These sustained investments in R&D allow us to remain at the forefront and to be continuously in search of new processes and new products that will allow your patients to benefit from the best in denturology. . At Ivoire Santé Dentaire, we are proud to contribute to the well-being of your patients.

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