Are you biting hard enough?

Publish on: 3 March 2022 | Category: Communications,

It’s possible to find out with Innobyte! The latest advances in denturology have given birth to this state-of-the-art tool, which Ivoire is proud to have participated in its development.

Innobyte gives an accurate measurement of your chewing strength. In other words, the tool compares your chewing strength with that of other people as a benchmark. We can thus assess your condition rigorously. By the way, did you know that a completely toothless person can lose up to 75% of this strength, despite wearing dentures? If you wear dentures, you want them to be effective and comfortable. A prosthesis that does not meet these criteria will sooner or later have negative consequences on your health and quality of life.

Do you suspect your chewing strength is not up to par?

Innobyte adds to our tools and methods that allow us to offer you the best possible advice on the treatments and prostheses that are appropriate for you. Discuss it with your Ivoire denturologist during your next visit!