Implant supported denture

Performance and aesthetic

For over 20 years, dental implants have been a safe option for the health and well-being of denture wearers.

Each patient is different, and there are several types of implant treatments. Careful planning is essential and requires the implementation of many clinical and technical procedures.

Ivoire Santé Dentaire’s professionals are all certified and have all the qualifications to offer you lasting, aesthetic and functional implant supported dentures.


  • 1 / Characteristics and multicolor of the gums imitating the shape and the shade of your original smile.
  • 2 / Attention to detail.
  • 3 / Aesthetic layout of teeth according to the patient's convenience.
  • 4 / Natural looking texture.
  • 5 / Protocol for taking precise measurements Ivoire.
  • 6 / Prosthesis stabilized by dental implants (several options available).
  • 7 / Durable materials.
  • 8 / More comfortable.
  • 9 / More comfortable.
  • 10 / Discreet IVOIRE signature.

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