Our mission

Our primary mission is to repair what is damaged. We see our role as being much more broad to encompass any and all components related to oral health because it is a whole. Proper oral hygiene does not solely include brushing.


    Proper oral hygiene does not solely include brushing. Other oral considerations must be taken into account. Our mission is to inform you: we are committed to help you adopt healthy oral hygiene habits.


    Even with healthier habits and a rigorous oral hygiene, sometimes, teeth may need to be repaired or replaced. Our mission is to identify, suggest and implement the optimal solution for you.


    Because our mission is to help you protect your teeth, we have developed a range of high-quality products. If we recommend their use, it is because we know they will help you maintain good oral health.

Our promise

The relationship we establish with you goes beyond a professional service. Why? Because you are not a patient: you are a person.

We are all qualified professionals and members of our professional association. We have all the qualifications and experience required to offer you the services you expect.

What lead us to regroup ourselves? The answer is simple: a clear vision of what our role should be and how we serve you.

We will answer all your needs, of course, and go beyond, so you clearly feel the difference. We will have a relationship with you from person to person because it is in our nature to be human before even being health professionals.

Our Founders

Deemed, experienced, the denturists who founded Ivoire have a common global approach to oral health. One day, they hoped to offer this approach throughout Quebec.

  • Érik Furois, D.D.

    Proud father of twins, Erik shares his passions between his family and denturology. Nature is a privileged place for him to balance his personal and professional lives.

  • Marc Michaud, D.D.

    In addition to being a denturist, Marc is a lecturer and consultant for dental companies. His teenage daughter does not complain about it : he spends a lot of time with her, often on the occasion of outdoor activities.

  • Dominic Pelletier, D.D.

    Captain of a sailing boat, Dominic combines the experience and passion to set course for modern care with the help of a skilled and dedicated crew. If he loves sailing, he however hates going in circles.

  • Pierre Rivard, D.D.

    In Lac-Saint-Jean, Sept-Îles and now Sherbrooke, Pierre is known everywhere as a professional who is involved in his community. His passion : helping, serving, living with those around him.

  • Jocelyn Vignola, D.D.

    Father of two, design and decoration lover, Jocelyn collects antique furniture. His great interest in geography and travel is no stranger to the fact that he worked in Switzerland for six years.

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