• The 5 essential steps !

    Did you know that there are 5 essential steps to producing a quality dental prosthesis?

    Before the final adoption of your Ivoire smile,

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  • Dental implants and apples !

    September heralds the return of the apple season.

    Are you among those who deprive yourself of the pleasure of crunching life to the fullest?

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  • Your annual visit.

    The arrival of September announces the end of the holidays, the return to school of your children and your grandchildren.

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  • Missing teeth and dental prostheses.

    Are you among those who have been wearing the same dental prostheses for 5 years or more?

    Are you missing one or more teeth and not wearing prostheses ?

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  • Mouth guard; a perfect solution to protect your teeth !

    Sports enthusiast? We have a perfect solution to protect your teeth!

    A custom-made mouth guard made by the professionals at Ivoire Santé Dentaire could allow you to indulge in your favorite sport,

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