Do you feel that your traditional dental protheses is less and less stable and comfortable?

Publish on: 15 April 2022 | Category: Communications,

This situation leads to pain and problems with chewing and pronunciation. Not to mention the embarrassment and discomfort in your social relationships. There are solutions!

Dental prostheses fixed on implants could allow you to eat with pleasure again! At Ivoire Santé Dentaire, we have designed L’Optimale. This is a Naturalized Ivoire prostheses on implants. True to our promises, this prostheses is made of innovative materials and offers features that truly improve the lives of our patients. Indeed, it mimics the shape and shade of your original smile, even in the color of your gums. It also promises an aesthetic arrangement of the teeth, a shape that favors the space of your tongue as well as pronunciation, a texture of the palate that helps in tasting and cleaning the tongue and the transparent palate, less visible than the pink of the traditional dentures.

Speak and smile with confidence! Discuss L’Optimale during your next visit to us!