Do you know the Naturalized Ivoire prostheses?

Publish on: 17 March 2022 | Category: Communications,

It’s the result of long years of research and development, but also a product available only at Ivoire Santé Dentaire.

Designed to maximize your comfort and with a pleasant texture, the Naturalized Ivoire prostheses is distinguished by multiple details that make the difference in the daily life of our patients. It has characteristics to mimic the shape and shade of your original smile, even the color of your gums. It also promises an aesthetic arrangement of the teeth, a shape that favors the space of your tongue, a texture of the palate that helps in tasting and cleaning the tongue, as well as a transparent palate, less visible than the pink usually used for prostheses.

It’s made with state-of-the-art materials. Let your denturist introduce you to the Naturalized Ivoire prostheses!