Ivoire Naturalized Denture

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Frontline professionals everywhere in the Ivoire santé dentaire’s network are proud and pleased to offer the sensational Ivoire Naturalized prosthesis.

Developed as a result of several years of intensive research, the new Ivoire naturalized dentures were manufactured according to our own method using technologically advanced functional materials.

To regain the look and feel of natural teeth, choose our Ivoire naturalized denture.


  • 1 / Gum characteristics and multicoloration imitating the form and the color of your original smile
  • 2 / Transparent and less visible palate
  • 3 / Natural morphology reproduction providing adequate room for the tongue and ensuring good phonetic capabilities
  • 4 / Palatine surface roughness inside the palate improving sense of taste and tongue cleaning
  • 5 / No acrylic fiber inside the dentures to maximize gum comfort
  • 6 / Muscle attachment improving stability
  • 7 / Natural-looking texture
  • 8 / Fine attention to detail
  • 9 / Teeth positioning according to the patient's preferences

Essential steps

to manufacture quality dentures

  • Step 1: Measures

    The art of moulding the shape of your mouth is the cornerstone to achieve maximum stability

  • Step 2: Teeth choices

    Highlighting your facial beauty and expression is possible thanks to custom-made aesthetic denture teeth. Your smile must shine!

  • Step 3: Personalization

    It is essential and reassuring for you to be able to see in advance the final appearance of your smile.

  • Step 4: Mastication

    The position of every tooth is analyzed in order to harmonize your smile with oral function.

  • Step 5: Final adaptation

    Unlike conventional curing, injected curing will perfectly mould dentures according to your mouth's models.

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